Precious Lamb

  • CA


2005 Palo Verde Ave.
PMB 301
Long Beach

United States

About Us

Vision: Breaking the cycle of homelessness, one child at a time

Precious Lamb Preschool provides

*Christ-centered care for homeless children that builds faith and promotes school readiness; and

*A trusting learning environment for homeless parents where individual growth fosters hopeful, healthy and permanent change.

The children we serve are at-risk children. Due to the very special needs that children who have experienced crises have, Precious Lamb Preschool strives to provide a quality and more personalized program where the children receive a lot of one on one attention from teachers and volunteers in a small group setting. Precious Lamb maintains a unique 1:4 teacher/child ratio in order to give these children the consistency they need and opportunities for healing and growth. The children blossom in Precious Lamb’s safe and nurturing environment. Hands-on learning activities help the children gain the knowledge and skills needed to feel confident and succeed, helping them grow emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically and socially.