The Humanitarian Association of Volunteers Without Borders

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About Us

Who We Are :

The Humanitarian Association of Volunteers Without Borders (HAVWB) was founded in 2002 by a group of youths who live, study and work in Togo and felt driven to do something to stop the spread of a disease, AIDS, that was bringing increasing devastation to a country and continent that they know and love. The HAVWB was created in order to gather, coordinate and highlight the action of individuals who are involved with the greatest disinterest at local plan as well as international plan, with an aim of carrying out the raising of the standard of living of the poor communities.

The Humanitarian Association of Volunteers Without Borders is a Togolese Non Governmental organization based in Lome, Togo (West Africa), registered with the Ministry of Homeland of the Togolese Republic under the number 1823 of April 23, 2002. At this date the Humanitarian Association of Volunteers Without Borders is governed by an executive committee - currently made up of 3 trustees - each with expertise in relevant areas including international development, fundraising, media relations, and working in communities with low income.

What We Do :

Football is the world's most popular sport - and in Togo it has attained almost religious significance, breaking down barriers and providing opportunities for even the most disadvantaged to shine. Informal kickabouts can gather sizeable crowds in a matter of seconds, and serious matches have the potential to become the stuff of legend.

From our own experience playing football matches in our local communities, we recognised the potential of football as a means of bringing people together, and providing a platform from which to convey hugely important messages about HIV and AIDS. By capitalising on this interest, we can create a platform that can be used as a tool for communicating vital messages, mobilising communities to join the fight against HIV, enabling people to protect themselves properly and challenging the plethora of stigma and misconceptions that surround the disease.

We are working on awareness programs based on football and cultural events, including peer educators session programs which is designed to capitalize on the popularity of football, enabling involved youths and volunteers to convey vital messages about HIV/AIDS to people in positive and engaging manner.

Our Mission :

The main mission of the organization is to reach young people in Togo, in order to increase their awareness and understanding of HIV/AIDS and enabling them to live safe and healthy life. Youths are the future of our societies, and we are working thoroughly so that they can be able to protect their health, influence and educate their peers. We are working to provide youths with AIDS education, enabling them to be protected from being infected.

Through its activities, the organization aims to identify, promote and develop projects and programs related to HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention information for sustainable HIV/AIDS awareness for young people in Togo.