The WE Movement

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About Us

The WE Movement has two main objectives:

1. To coordinate community resources across the nation onto one unified platform.

2. Engage the community in giving back both as individuals and corporations to those who need it most.

The WE Movement is a community-based outreach effort that functions through an online “search and match” networking software program (HELP4U) that connects Providers—“those that have” goods, products and services—and links them with Recipients, those less fortunate who need them.

WE strongly believes that if each one of us, an individual or organization, takes responsibility for our communities and joins the WE Movement, collectively WE can succeed in improving the lives of the people who need it most, even if it is one community at a time, one "offering" at a time.

WE is currently looking for volunteers to act as WE Champions! For more information on how to get involved, please contact us or view our volunteer listing on Idealist under WE Champion!