South Bronx Early College Academy Charter School

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801 East 156th Street
First Floor
New York
United States

About Us

2018-2019 School Year

The South Bronx Early College Academy opened its doors to 110 6th grade students in September 2015.  e continue to add to our core team of teacher leaders who will work collaboratively to develop an engaging and challenging project-based curriculum that includes art, computer science, and music as core subjects with literature, mathematics, science, and social studies. We are seeking a teacher who is passionate about his or her work as an artist and skilled in helping students grapple with the forms of perception and means of self-expression that open up ways of looking at the world that are connected to what is uniquely human. The theory and practice of art provide an invaluable addition to understanding across many subject areas, and we look for a teacher who can develop an appreciation for the craft and ways of knowing that are particular to this deeply human pursuit.

  • Learning motivated by deep engagement with the questions and knowledge making processes that define the disciplines,
  • Music, art, and computer science - as well as history, literature, mathematics, and science - as the core curriculum,
  • Opportunities for interdisciplinary studies through authentic connections between subject area studies promoted through teacher collaboration,
  • An emphasis on literacy throughout the curriculum, building a fluency of ideas as well as the language skills critical to academic and career success,
  • Close connections to families and neighborhood through service learning and regular school/community events and collaborations,
  • Attention to individual learner needs through advisory groups, formative assessment, and targeted interventions,
  • An integrated partnership with WHEDco, a community-based organization with a 25 year history in the Bronx, providing essential supports for students and their families, see -,
  • Graduate students in yearlong residencies supporting teaching and student learning as they prepare to become NYC teachers,
  • Students completing dual enrollment college courses during the 11th and 12th grades, college ready and with earned credits towards degree completion.