EarthDance Organic Farm School

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St Louis
United States

About Us

EarthDance Organic Farm School runs a variety of programs to educate all ages about organic farming and gardening, permaculture and sustainability.  Our flagship program is our Farm & Garden Apprenticeship program, in which 25-35 adults take classes and do 8 hours a week of hands-on education and training on the farm.  We run a paid job training program for Ferguson teens, engage students in a vocational program from the school district, host field trips and volunteers, and host neighborhood children in summer programs with seniors to encourage healthy habits.  We also collaborate on research projects with nearby universities and research institutions.  

We envision the future of EarthDance: a productive farm where creative endeavors bloom alongside flourishing produce. We envision former strangers cultivating the land together and growing relationships in addition to sugar snap peas. We envision Artists-in-Residence and Musicians-in-Residence gaining inspiration from the farm's beauty and sharing their talents with farm-workers and farm-goers. We envision individuals from all walks of life coming to EarthDance Farm to learn skills in organic farming and gardening, to taste a fresh-picked blackberry, and to see where their food comes from. We know that this vision is possible; we see it clearly, and we are dedicated to it.