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About Us

Forum for the Future is an independent, global non-profit with a mission is to accelerate systems change. We have a 21 year track record in partnering with pioneering companies who recognize that social and environmental issues are already shaping their business context today, and want to actively create the conditions for their future success. In addition to working with these organizations one on one, we bring companies, NGOs, government representatives and others together to create action-oriented coalitions on particularly urgent and complex sustainability challenges. Examples include The Protein Challenge 2040, which is working to ensure we can feed 9 billion people with enough protein in the future; Cotton 2040, which is working to mainstream sustainable cotton; and The Net Positive Project, which is helping to create a movement of companies giving more back to society and the environment than what they take out. As a charity, we publicly share our learnings from this work through communications, events and our new School of Systems Change.

Forum is headquartered in London with additional offices in Brooklyn, Mumbai and Singapore.

We operate as a global team, delivering both international and local projects.

Our US office is celebrating its seventh year, working with partners including Target, Hershey’s, PepsiCo, and People Against Dirty, among others. We drive Forum’s full strategy – from advising organizations on a 1:1 basis to driving wider collaborations, some of which are specific to the US market such as our Beauty and Personal Care program. In 2018, Forum for the Future US will be piloting the School of Systems Change which aims to equip emerging leaders with the capacity for transformational change, seed a global community of change makers and accelerate a sustainable future.