Children's Advocacy Center of Bristol County

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58 Arch Street
Fall River
United States

About Us

The Children's Advocacy Center empowers children and families to heal from the trauma of abuse and violence through community partnerships, education, and the pursuit of justice. The Children's Advocacy Center (CAC) opened in July 2007 to assist child victims of abuse and their families. The agency provides a multidisciplinary, child-focused approach to the investigation and intervention of cases with allegations of child sexual abuse, or severe physical abuse. First developed in the 1980s, Children's Advocacy Centers were designed to reduce the stress on child abuse victims and their families created by traditional adult investigation and prosecution procedures, and to improve the effectiveness of the response.

The CAC provides a single location for child victims to speak of their abuse, and for the child and their non-offending caregivers to receive support from the MDT and CAC staff.The MDT may include health and mental health practitioners, child protective services, police and prosecutors all working in the best interest of the child victim and their family.