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About Us

Starfire’s mission is to build community by delivering an inclusive, world-class soccer experience to every player that inspires, encourages and empowers our youth through participation in soccer.

No matter your age, style or level of play Starfire Sports provides opportunities for you to experience the passion of soccer. We deliver diverse programming for youth and adults, knowledgeable and professional staff, and a safe and engaging environment for social interaction and community building. In addition, our outreach efforts mean that all our community’s youth have access to world-class soccer facilities—regardless of economic background.

Starfire is driven by three core concepts that support our mission, guide our programs and serve as the underpinning of our philosophy:

World Class

The idea of world-class applies to our facilities, our programs and our people. We maintain safe, clean, well-groomed and innovative facilities. Our programs provide a wide range of play opportunities, consistently delivering an exciting and rewarding experience to the customer. And, our knowledgeable, professional and courteous staff will always make you feel welcomed.


Inclusivity is core to the vision and mission of Starfire Sports. Through our diverse programming and community outreach, Starfire ensures that there are opportunities for everyone to play in a world-class facility—regardless of skill level, age, gender, ethnicity or income


Commitment is vastly important in everything we do. At Starfire we are committed to our customer, our community and our business vision.