Courageous Women

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1714 Franklin Street
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About Us

Courageous Women is an organization, soon to be a nonprofit that celebrates the lives of women through our annual events, workshops, retreats and other special events throughout the year. We celebrate the trials and triumphs, struggles, successes, strengths and courage of women, reminding them of their worth and importance in this world.

At our events, we have guest speakers that come to share their experiences about their own struggles and trials and how they’ve come to where they are in their lives today as well as showing women how they can come out of hardships in ways that are truly victorious and courageous.

Courageous Women, celebrates women through acknowledgement of their strengths, courage, endurance and power; bringing women together to inspire and empower their lives and to remind them of their worth and importance in this world.

The purpose of Courageous Women is to encourage, empower and inspire the lives of all women.