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About Us

CPA-NAOP Partnership

City Parks Alliance (CPA) is a nationwide organization of city parks and recreation leaders and their organizations that work together through advocacy and the sharing of best practices to strengthen support for city parks across the country. (

The National Association for Olmsted Parks (NAOP) is a coalition of design and preservation professionals, historic property and park managers, scholars, municipal officials, citizen activists and representatives of numerous Olmsted organizations around the United States. Its concern is the legacy of landscape work left by Frederick Law Olmsted Sr. and the firm founded by his sons, Olmsted Brothers Landscape Architects. (

CPA and NAOP have developed a cooperative agreement that includes a joint office in Washington, D.C. The collaboration allows both groups to broaden their efficacy in public advocacy, education and research about city parks and the Olmsted legacy. The two organizations share certain common objectives that are executed jointly and individual objectives that are executed separately.