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About Us

To educate to empower the Poor

NGO working towards imparting education to the underprivileged children in Rural village since 1987.

"Every child deserves an education, regardless of their social status, religion, caste and color. Our declared goal is not only to give each of our children the very best primary school education they can attain, but also to teach them to love each other, respect each other, and help each other wherever they can. We foster our children's creativity and common understanding of each other and of the competitive environment, and we strive for empathy and harmony in all we do - always keeping in mind that through our students we reach the villages' people, and therefore make a change in society."

Our Vision:Every child should get access to quality education.

Our Philosophy:We believe that education can move a child beyond the stigma of poverty, and give that child the tools to reach his or her true and full potential. Education is the most novel way of creating a better society. Education is not a business but a service and we would like to keep it that way.


Balaji Educational Society welcomes VOLUNTEERS. 

Join us in our quest to help children from adverse backgrounds.

If you are interested in voluntary work you could look at helping us to achieve the goal of helping every needy and destitute child to acquire good learning skills. Your input is very significant. Being a volunteer is a life-changing, rewarding, memorable, meaningful and challenging experience!

A volunteer can teach English, Computer, Math, General Knowledge, Science, Arts like Singing, Dancing, Acting, Drawing, Painting, Science experiments and Activities etc.,

Food and accommodation are provided freely. This is a wonderful opportunity to brighten children's lives and really make a difference in an underprivileged community.

If you are interested in Volunteering or teaching in India, please contact us at 


Balaji Educational Society

Narasingarayani pet (Village)

Chittoor (Mandal & District)

Andhra Pradesh (State)


Phone: +91 9052418178

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NGO Located between two major cities of India i.e Chennai & Bangalore.