ADI Strategy Studio

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About Us

ADI Strategy Studio is an advisory and resource nonprofit organization. We are a nonprofit making organizations efficient, effective, organized and innovative

We work collaboratively with individuals, teams and organizations - to address strategic issues and develop the operational capacity to achieve their mission.

We work with a variety of organizations with diverse interests and focus areas. Join us, as we collaborate and create with interesting and passionate people everywhere, and find out more about the two focus areas of our work.

Capacity Development Services

Working with increasing demand on their limited resources, the organizations (and individuals or corporations), have to find more efficient and innovative ways to achieve impact. We design and develop the tools and strategies that make work efficient and streamlined in delivering services and achieving your mission.

Innovation Systems

We strongly believe in innovation as a continuous and evolutionary process of problem solving.

We develop the strategies, policies, structures, processes and systems to establish your Innovation System - whether a small team or an entire laboratory. Our work will pave the way for you to innovate.

We intend to make organizations that contribute solutions to society’s challenges self-sustaining innovators by developing customized Innovation Systems within organizations. The work of your Innovation System does not have to be limited to program innovation, but could also support the re-invention of every aspect of your organization. Innovation teams/labs ground any structural or systemic change in the organization by providing the necessary research and creativity to help adapt to changes in external environment - whether in target demographics, funding, leadership or the mission.