Whale Interpretive Centre

  • BC


PO Box 2-3
Telegraph Cove

About Us

The Whale Interpretive Centre (WIC) is an initiative of the Johnstone Strait Killer Whale Interpretive Centre Society (JSKWICS), a non-profit society.

The Whale Interpretive Centre (WIC) was established in Telegraph Cove, BC in 2002 and is committed to marine mammal education and conservation. It aspires to be a 'world class' interpretive centre that inspires and involves the local community as well as many international visitors.

The Whale Interpretive Centre is housed in a historical building on the boardwalk of Telegraph Cove and contains displays that feature the marine biodiversity of the local area, the importance of the Michael Bigg Ecological Reserve at Robson Bight, and marine conservation issues. The highlight of the museum is the articulated skeletons of marine and terrestrial mammals (killer whale, minke whale, Pacific white-sided dolphin, harbour seal, pygmy sperm whale, sea otter, river otter and Steller sea lion etc), including a 20m fin whale that is suspended from the ceiling of the building.

The museum is open from May through October each year.  Staff deliver a variety of educational programs and provide interpretation to the visitors. Structured school programs that focus on marine interconnectedness, adaptations, and marine mammal biology are offered during May, June and September. Specialty tours, evening lectures and special events are also offered throughout the season. The WIC is perfectly situated to reach a large audience, as Telegraph Cove is the main launching point for kayak expeditions, whale watching tours, and is a popular day trip for many north island locals.