Puerto Rico Alliance for Companion Animals, Inc.

About Us

Our vision is to inspire and provide adequate tools to the Puerto Rican communities to create and promote safe, respectful, and compassionate environments free of violence, neglect and abuse against animals, where individuals, groups and communities help, support and value all forms of life.

The vision of Puerto Rico Alliance for Companion Animals, Inc. is a community in which:

  • All animals are provided with adequate food, shelter, medical care, companionship, and appropriate training.
  • No adoptable animal companions are euthanized.
  • All companion animals are spayed or neutered.
  • All companion animals are wanted and considered a part of the family.
  • All life forms are respected, appreciated, and protected.

Our mission is to be the community’s premier knowledge resource in providing the highest quality and accessible humane education possible; and to become a recognized leader in providing programs and services, which enhance the bond between animals and humans.