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About Us

Africa’s Voices is an innovative start-up spun out of cutting-edge research at the University of Cambridge. We believe in amplifying and listening intelligently to African citizens’ voices so that their priorities, ideas, and opinions influence development and governance agendas.

We foster citizen engagement by combining new opportunities from Africa’s digital revolution with traditional, popular media forums, such as interactive radio. Through these channels we gather vast, messy, and local language SMS and social media data. Our innovative research approach and analytical techniques are truly multidisciplinary, combining social science, data science and contextual knowledge. The rich insights we generate inform and support organisations in East Africa, enabling them to leverage their existing position and greatly extend their social economic and political value. Please look at our website for more information:

Africa’s Voices is growing rapidly. We began with our Cambridge office, and recently established an East Africa Office in Nairobi, Kenya. To date we have worked with UNICEF Somalia, Oxfam Kenya, BBC Media Action and Emmy-award winning the Well Told Story, among others. Our core funders and supporters include the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and we have strong ongoing academic links with and support from the University of Cambridge.