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About Us

The Power of 32 (P32) is a two-year process that provides an opportunity for every resident of the 32-county, 4-state region to participate in the creation of a shared vision for the region’s best future. The 32 counties included in the visioning project – fifteen in southwestern Pennsylvania, ten in northern West Virginia, five in eastern Ohio, and two in western Maryland – represent the economic region centered on metropolitan Pittsburgh.

The Power of 32 Initiative has ambitious and critical goals. Over a two-year period, the effort seeks to:

1. Create a shared vision and Regional Agenda that is driven by the broad and innovative engagement of thousands of citizens and supported by business, government and nonprofit leadership.

2. Instill a sense of realistic optimism and inspire public determination to solve the region’s problems and seize the region’s opportunities

3. Establish cross-sector leadership across the region committee to acting on the Regional Agenda.

4. Connect people, communities, and institutions in new and effective ways to best assure a sustain able, innovative, and globally competitive region and high quality of life for all its residents.