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About Us

Since our inception, the Liddle Kidz Foundation Global (LKF Global) has been dedicated to providing the therapeutic, curative and palliative benefits of nurturing touch to vulnerable populations through the use of infant and pediatric massage. The gentle art of infant and pediatric massage has been shown to have many positive benefits including growth and brain development, sensory integration, sleep regulation, enhanced verbal and nonverbal communication. Children have also been shown to develop stronger bonds with their caregivers, which can establish a solid foundation for their future.

our focus has been infants, children and their caregivers. We recognize that orphans have many physical needs, and because these are the most immediate, they are the most urgent. However, dealing with the effects of finding themselves alone and without parents is clearly a major emotional trauma.

Our experience has shown that orphanages find it a challenge to meet the emotional and developmental requirements of children, including personalized care and attention. The goal of LKF Global is to provide infants and children with nurturing touch while working directly with their caregivers to provide education and support. This is what makes LKF Global programs both sustainable and replicable.

Our foundation has the ability to provide caregivers with the tools that will ensure infants are cradled with nurturing arms, toddlers will be provided with stimulation and interaction that establishes a foundation for healthy brain development, and adolescents will gain self-confidence and self-esteem that is essential for becoming a productive, compassionate citizen of our global community.

It is through these outreach journeys that we strive to make a difference in the lives and future of these children and their caregivers.