BRAIN TRUST: The Healing Exchange

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186 Hampshire Street
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About Us

We are a certified 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1997.

The mission of T.H.E. BRAIN TRUST is to create a healing exchange of information and support among People affected by neurological disorders including patient-survivors, families, caregivers, health professionals and researchers. Our goal is to provide and improve online communication resources. (Our current online support groups cover a range of brain tumor types and other special interests.) Through these and other efforts, we are building a global community of People whose lives are affected by brain tumors, brain injuries, and related issues.

Members of The Healing Exchange are B-uilding R- esource A-nd I-nformation N-etworks T-hrough R- espectful U-nderstanding of the human S-pirit and T-echnology.

We have four program areas that support our mission of creating “a healing exchange”. We are promoting social change by:

1. Creating, Maintaining and Improving online communication resources related to brain tumors and related conditions including: support groups, informational web pages, recommended reading lists and a newsletter.

2. Training People how to use the internet and the online resources we provide, as well as training health professionals about on line resources to help them assist patients and training premedical students about clinical brain tumor/ injury issues.

3. Organizing face-to-face networking events to augment the online communities we are building. These events are for socializing, fun, support, spirituality, information and advocacy. These special gatherings foster lasting memories that help patient-survivors & caregivers to realize it is their priceless lives, not the brain tumor(s), that defines them.

4. Raising Public Awareness of the issues brain tumor patient-survivors encounter. We distribute free Gray Ribbons, and we are a member of the North American Brain Tumor Coalition.