The Dreams Alive Foundation

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Busia County

About Us

The Dreams Alive Foundation is an organization spearheaded by young people passionate about nurturing talent amongst the youth and using it to promote socio- economic empowerment Bumala, Busia County. Under the stewardship of Christopher Omondi, a professional footballer who had quit due to injury, the organization has purposed to give young people at the primary and secondary school level, an opportunity to use their talent to break the chains of poverty and make better lives for themselves.

Through sports, more, children explore, invent and create. They also develop social skills, learn to express their emotions, and gain confidence about their own capabilities. Our goal is to sensitize school going children on the importance of education as a tool of empowerment and how they can use their talents to achieve success. The initiative will also encompass a drug abuse sensitization campaign, sexual and reproductive health awareness program among others that shall be developed on need basis. The idea is basically sports; for a brighter future.


To promote socio-economic empowerment among the youth by enabling them realize their competitive goals both inside and outside the classroom through sports.


To promote socio-economic empowerment through sports.


  • To advocate for equality, diversity and thereby promoting greater social inclusion. It can be a successful tool for tackling inequality in hard-to- reach areas and for empowering individuals and communities.
  • Empower young people academically, socially and economically through sports football
  • Identify talented young people and help them access institutions that can help them further their career in sports
  • To keep the young people actively engaged in school life and help them realize their potential hence reduce the number of people dropping out of school.
  • Nurture talent and help young people use their gifts to achieve success thus economically empowering themselves
  • Reduce vices such as drug abuse, child labour and increased teenage pregnancies
  • Develop a sustainable mentorship program that will see young people help each other grow