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EMEAC''s mission is to protect and restore land, air, water and diversity of life through informed personal and public action.

Nature study and reflection areas on Detroit Public School grounds

Recent research in environmental education confirms that school ground naturalization projects can benefit children in a variety of ways. As described by Richard Louv in Last Child in the Woods, today’s children are losing their connection to nature. This connection is essential to developing a strong environmental ethic as adults. East Michigan Environmental Action Council (EMEAC) works with hundreds of youth in Detroit and we are excited to further engage youth with their natural environment by transforming Detroit school grounds.

Nature Study: Through hands-on involvement in designing, creating, caring for and using school nature areas, children stand to improve their academic performance and to develop the capacity to work for the good of their community. A study of 40 schools in the United States in which the environment is used as an “integrated context for learning”, convincingly demonstrates its pedagogical advantages.