New Paradigm Theatre Company, Inc.

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About Us

New Paradigm Theatre Company, Inc. (NPT) is a professional theatre fostering creative problem solvers, leaders, and global citizens through theatre arts education and productions.

NPT is a professional theatre that bridges, elevates, and advances society by synergistically combining Broadway, Film and Television professionals to cultivate today and tomorrow’s creative leaders through experiential learning, leading up to professional productions.

Our theatre arts education enhances a student’s complete intelligence through classes, seminars and workshops, placing the student side by side with a master professional, who combines artistic techniques with experiential and project-based learning activities.  This transformative platform of professionals and students collaboratively working shoulder to shoulder fosters creative and critical reasoning skills necessary for problem solving, global thinking and leadership growth.

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Our professional productions are designed as “theatre shows on the move” with a limitless community reach, often assisting other nonprofits by way of partnerships, because we understand theatre and art are key components of a healthy community.