Alliance for Biking & Walking

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About Us

History of the Organization

The Alliance’s mission is to create, strengthen, and unite state and local bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organizations throughout North America.

The Alliance for Biking & Walking is the only national organization that trains, assists, empowers and strengthens community leaders and their organizations to bring physical activity back into citizens’ everyday lives through walking and biking.

In 1996, a handful of leaders of state and local organizations gathered to share best practices in active transportation advocacy. These trailblazers were tackling similar challenges, but were scattered and isolated across North America.

Recognizing the need for a network of peers, participants at the retreat formed to strengthen networking and problem-solving among state and local biking and walking advocacy organizations.

Today, the Alliance continues to work to empower state and local walking and biking organizations to advocate for change in their communities’ political contexts. As a result of their eorts and those of their partners, Alliance members have advocated for and cut ribbons on thousands of miles of sidewalks, safe crossings, multiuse trails, and bike lanes – transforming the built environment in their communities and states into better places to walk and bike.

Organization Culture

The Alliance for Biking and Walking boasts a nimble and diverse group of employees and board members, who all share a passion for the organization’s mission. The team works hard and thrives in a flexible work environment both at the headquarters and remotely around the country. Given their successes so far, the Alliance is entering the exciting next phase of the movement. Maturing into a strategic leader in the creation of healthy and sustainable communities across North America, employees are progressive and forward thinking. Collaboration is key in order to change, evolve, and embrace the future of the Alliance. This is a place where getting the job done is valued above merely putting time in.

Each year, the Alliance for Biking and Walking hosts a productive and inspirational retreat for hundreds of thought leaders, friends, and colleagues across the transportation planning, bicycling, and walking communities. As a result, the organization plays an important role in fostering strategic collaboration and results on a national scale. This supportive and inclusive retreat is largely shaped by the hands on board, which in turn provides consistent feedback for the organization as a whole.