St. Vincent de Paul Head Start-Northwest

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About Us

St. Vincent de Paul Head Start-NW (formerly Coldsping Family Development Head Start) has provided quality services to children in the Pimlico and Park Heights communities since 1976. The program is currently comprised of three sites serving 229 children and their families. The Center's comprehensive program is designed to meet the needs of families as a whole. The center is responsible for enhancing the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of children, and is sensitive to the culture and individuality of each child. The center recognizes the parent as the child's primary teacher and facilitates a partnership with families for the promotion of each child's total development. Families are encouraged to play an active role in all parts of their child's growth and development. As primary figures in their child's life, parents have the ability to make a difference. St. Vincent de Paul Head Start-Northwest is, therefore, committed to providing parents with tools to become more effective in bringing about positive changes in the lives of their families.

It is the vision of St. Vincent de Paul Head Start-Northwest to create partnerships by collaborating with families, community organizations, and agencies in order to increase the quality of life for all the community's citizens. The child, the family, the community--all are integral parts of a successful Head Start program. We welcome each to participate and to become partners in our efforts to increase the quality of life for each child, each family, and each community SITES:

  • 3705 W Rogers Ave
  • 5001 Park Heights Avenue
  • 4330 Pimlico Road