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About Us

SOAR stands for “Serving Our Adolescents Responsibly.” Project SOAR is a one-on-one mentoring program that has been administered by the McGaw YMCA since fall of 1990. It has two elements that are united in the same goal, serving the youth of Evanston. One element is comprised of community volunteers and is supported by collaboration with Friends First of Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, a well-known and respected Chicago mentoring program. Project SOAR also collaborates with a group of university student mentors through Northwestern University’s Work-Study Office, and is also supported by university student volunteers.

SOAR’s purpose is to enrich the life of one youth at a time. Project SOAR and the youth it serves depend on support from within the community. This is the same community that will ultimately benefit from a healthy, self-confident, and contributing future citizen.

SOAR’s mission is to provide adult role models who will foster positive and stable relationships with local youths.

SOAR’s goal is recruitment and training of adult volunteer-mentors and is focused on creating effective mentors who grow to become leaders and resource-builders in the lives of Evanston youth. SOAR encourages successful mentor-mentee matches with careful and thoughtful match selection, training, professional support staff, group activities, and monthly contact with support staff.