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About Us

The TRIBE Media Corp. Mission

TRIBE Media Corp. provides excellent journalism for people who want to strengthen their communities and their world.

TRIBE is on a journey to redefine niche journalism for the digital age. We are combining the enduring values of great community journalism-- integrity, accuracy, independence and powerful storytelling—with technical innovation and sound business principles. Our mission is to create a great media company that helps build strong communities.

Our content model depends on nurturing talented reporters, presenting bold and original columnists, and creating and aggregating important content in all forms. TRIBE content is informed by a tradition that values curiosity, debate, tolerance, intellectual rigor, justice and humor. TRIBE content engages people who are passionate about understanding and improving the world.

Tribe distributes it content across many platforms: in print, on the web, through mobile devices, and in live events. We believe the Jewish perspective is valuable to the entire world, so we strive to reach the largest possible audience of interested readers and advertisers.

Our revenue model depends on advertising, membership and philanthropy. We strive to run our business in a fair and sustainable way. We provide products of great worth to advertisers, subscribers and donors, and to the communities to which we belong.