Peace Valley Holistic Center

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About Us

Our mission is to ease the suffering of children and families who live with autism and other disabling conditions, and to improve their quality of life. The center helps children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) improve 46% to 91% in their abilities to cope, comprehend, communicate and transition into mainstream society. Our programs foster the independence of these individuals – to help them become well-adjusted young adults living productive lives in their communities.

We have a three prong approach to help the whole family, starting with the children. We provide holistic services for the children like color light therapy (patent pending), sound therapy, and education for the parents in natural food diets/nutrition, and how to maintain the progress children make at home. The second prong is complementary care for the stressed out parents and care givers (e.g. they learn coping skills and stress management.) The third prong is a holistic approach to advocacy; we provide one on on counseling for the families in how to navigate the education process and build a bridge with their school district instead of an adversarial relationship.

A happy rewarding bi-product of what we are doing has been parents telling us that we saved their marriage.