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About Us

Mission Statement: The Chlorine Free Products Association {CFPA} is an independent not-for-profit accreditation/standard setting organization registered in 1994 in the State of Illinois, USA. Our focus is promoting sustainable manufacturing practices, educating consumers on alternatives, and developing world markets for sustainably produced third party certified products and services.

Our audits require a chain of custody for all raw materials, measures the impact of a manufacturing process on the environment: water and energy use, chemistry, carbon gas releases, reviews environmental policy and permit compliance, reviews ethical management practices and compliance, financial performance, product stewardship, public information, funding of research and development, and employee recognition. Once the audit is complete we are able to plug the numbers in to provide a ranking on a Sustainabilty Index {SI rank best of 1350 points}. Only processes, or products that are manufactured free of chlorine chemistry are identified with the TCF {Totally Chlorine Free} or PCF {Processed Chlorine Free} Trademarks. The CFPA has no financial interest in any manufacturer or company of the products it certifies.