learning enrichment after-school program (leap)

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112 West 9th Street
Suite 815
Los Angeles
United States

About Us

leap) serves hundreds of culturally diverse, at-risk elementary and middle school students, age 5 through 14, in the city of Los Angeles and its surrounding communities.

From the close of every school day until 6:00pm, leap offers a safe, academically enriching environment, consisting of nutritious snack, effective homework assistance, creative enrichment classes, and student-specific tutoring - at no cost to parents.

Our mission is to create the most engaging experience for students and teach them how to make healthy decisions so they dream bigger, reach higher and go on to be confident, productive citizens.

We help students develop habits and discipline that support graduating from high school and college. We believe that a self-confident, well rounded person is motivated to accomplish something. That first "something" will be to graduate from high school and then college.

We believe that by focusing on the total person: physically, academically, and creatively the student will be inspired. She will know that beauty comes in countless packages. He will know that his value is not measured by money. They will break the mold of hopelessness and lead their generation with boldness, creativity and compassion.