Cortland County Historical Society

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25 Homer Avenue
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About Us

Every community draws strength from an appreciation of its past. The Cortland County Historical Society serves a critical role in Cortland County through the collection, preservation and interpretation of artifacts and documents representative of its history and through the presentation of exhibits reflecting past days in the Suggett House Museum. It is a valuable contributor to local businesses, schools, community institutions, the cultural life of our region and to the wider world through electronic connections over the Internet. The Society aids in interpreting history’s role in defining the present and giving guidance for the future. Appreciation of the individual’s place in the community over time is emphasized in relation to local agricultural, industrial, and cultural traditions. The Society’s primary emphasis is on Cortland County, but with the intent and responsibility to present a true and accurate account of Cortland County’s relationship to the greater populations of New York State, the United States, and the world. It must also share the responsibility for making those people aware of the economic, cultural and recreational opportunities available in Cortland County.