Industrial Hemp Research Foundation

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About Us

The Industrial Hemp Research Foundation (IHRF) is an organization dedicated to supporting industrial hemp research and general education initiatives at institutions of higher education across the United States. Our work has focused primarily in Colorado, but we are beginning to engage with institutions outside the state. 

Conceived in 2014 – after the passage of the Farm Bill signed by President Obama – and incorporated in 2015, the Industrial Hemp Research Foundation works to ensure the re-establishment of Industrial Hemp into the U.S. market and economy, its associated industries.  Primarily through supporting necessary Research & Development by educational and academic institutions, we support the mission of discovery into the vast commercial and medical use cases of industrial hemp.

 The IHRF, as an organization, provides funding and support to its partners who will direct and manage research processes that result in enhanced cultivation, processing/ manufacturing and usage of industrial hemp.  Additionally, the IHRF expects to support the development of new and innovative uses of industrial hemp that will ensure the state of Colorado is respected and utilized as the “epicenter” for industrial hemp knowledge and innovation.  The IHRF is a nonprofit, non-lobbying organization as defined in 501-C Colorado statutes.