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90 John St
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About Us

We Believe in a World Where:

Everyone has enough to eat

Everyone enjoys a clean and safe environment

Everyone shares in the economic value of Earth’s natural resources

Earth Sharing is an independent, non-partisan, initiative of Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, a non-profit organization based in New York City whose mission is to promote the ideas of Henry George.

Our Mission

We want people to think and ask questions. What are the institutional causes of poverty? What can we do as a society to incentivize environmentally sustainable behavior? Why does it matter? What can I personally do to improve the situation?


We are more interested in solving problems and working with others than winning political debates.

Do you have a specific idea about how we can collaborate? Would you like to brainstorm? Perhaps you have other ideas you think we should know about? Tell us. We also have volunteer opportunities.

How do I get involved?

We have many projects and initiatives. Click this link for more details.