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About Us

Who are we?

HOPAD (Helpless, Orphans, Poor, Affected and Dalit) Child and Women Promotion Society is a non-profit, non-government organization which was established in 2005 dedicated with the welfare of children and women in Nepal. Our orphanage is situated in Sainbu-3, Lalitpur. HOPAD is also working for the women and children in rural areas of Dang (Midwestern Hill part of Nepal).

Main objectives of HOPAD:

  1. Make child and women independent by promoting them in terms of qualitative education, training & engaging them in the productive work and income generating program
  2. To help women and children of remote parts of Nepal who are socially, culturally and financially far from the right of them
  3. To enhance the capacity of marginalized women and children and provide rehabilitation opportunities to the helpless, orphan, poor, affected & dalit for their better future.
  4. Establish good co-operation and networking with National and international NGO’S/INGO’S and government to the support women and children.
  5. To manipulate volunteer service program
  6. To launch the programs of micro-entrepreneurship, education, health and public awareness as helpful project for the community development.

Focus areas:

  1. Rehabilitation of orphan, semi-orphan, helpless, poor and affected children in Children’s home
  2. Protection and promotion of child rights
  3. To provide quality education, nutrition food, good health care, family environment and other essentials
  4. Launch projects for marginalized and needy women
  5. Educational sponsorship program for the orphans, conflicted, suffered and destitute children in rural areas

Programs and Activities:

a) Children programs and activities:

1) Running the Children’s Home

- It is the residency for helpless, orphans, poor, affected and dalits (disadvantaged group) children from the birth to adolescent

2) Educational program

- Children are providing quality education in private school with morning tuition class inside and outside (rural area of Nepal) the HOPAD.

3) Children sponsorship program

- HOPAD is supporting poor and needy children with educational fee and materials of rural areas of Nepal

4) Health care

- Provision of general health check up once in 3 month by the doctor in HOPAD

5) Sport program

- Judo, SAMBO, Chess, Football and other games are successfully practicing

b) Women’s programs and activities:

Literacy Program:

- HOPAD had provided Literacy Program to more than 400 women in rural areas of Nepal

Tailoring Program:

- Already 92 women (from: dalit, single, indigenous, Tharu community and poor background) have finished the 6 month Women’s Tailoring Project for helpless, Single, marginalized and needy women in the rural area of Dang. 17 of them got the 3 months advanced course. Among them 3 women are having tailor shop with the financial support of HOPAD. Recently 32 women are participating in the ongoing program.

Embroidery Program:

- HOPAD is launching a 3 month Embroidery program for 22 women of the Kumal Community (who made pitchers by the soil), dalit and marginalized in remote area of Dang

Achievements of the children in Sports:

- 1 gold, 4 silver, 1 bronze medal and best player award in South Asian Judo Championship

- 3 Gold and 1 silver medal in SAMBO National game

Achievements of the women project:

- More than 400 women have completed the Literacy Program

- 3 women are running their own tailoring shop with the financial support of HOPAD

- More than one hundred women completed their tailoring program and 54 are participating in on going program.

Volunteer program:

HOPAD Welcome to national and international personal & organizational volunteers for multi-discipline like teacher, counsellor, medical and community Aid programs.

Why we need national / international volunteers?

- Cultural exchange

- Knowledge sharing

- Moral education

- Language support

- Problem sharing

- Implementing the project

- Fundraising for the children and women projects

What we have in HOPAD for sustainability:

- piece of land

- children’s bed, some cupboards, chairs, tables, television and other official materials

Future goals of HOPAD:

- To build our own residency to accommodate 100 children

- To launch HOPAD’s own school - To sponsor 2500 children for the purpose of their quality education - To provide job skill trainings for helpless and marginalized women - To establish branch office of the HOPAD in other parts of the Nepal. - To create different valuable projects for the development of women and children.

Why do we need children’s home and school?

- Children should feel their own home

- Out of the psychological effect

- Use their right as other children

- For the security and child development

- Support the government policy and their duties

- Control crime and develop civil society

- a lot of pupils in their school confronted that they are orphans

- we can provide quality and free education to the children

How can you help?

- HOPAD currently has not regular funding of the organization.

- By donating for the building construction project

- You can individually and organizational sponsor for the concern children

- By supporting in any way, shape or form cash or gifts for the women and children of Nepal

- By donating clothes, food, toys, books etc.

- By spending time for HOPAD children and women for days, weeks or months

An Appeal:

HOPAD is providing education, school fees, stationeries, cloths, food, Salter, healthcare for children and Tailoring-, Embroidery- and Literacy Program for socially, economically disadvantaged women of HOPAD.

HOPAD would like to humbly appeal to all organizations and individuals to contribute to this novel because your valuable contribution would enable us to support and implement program that will greatly assist and encourage us to provide better future to children and women through your remarkable contribution. Your contribution could be in forms of funds or material support. You may send your contribution by directly transforming the fund to our bank account below.

For donating Sponsorship/children support project please transfer the money to the Bank details as follow:

“HOPAD” Child and Women Promotion Society

Everest Bank Limited

Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Nepal

Saving account: 012061190A

Swift Code: EVBLNPKA

For donating HOPAD Building and other projects use the Bank details given below:

HOPAD Child and Women promotion Society.

Himalayan Bank Limited

Patan,Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Nepal

Current account: 00603923370017

Swift Code : HIMANPKA

Contact Person:

Mr. Purna Bahadur Khatri- Founder President

For more information please visit our website:

Mailing Address:

GPO Box 8975, EPC 2342

Sainbu – 3, Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone +977-1-5592992, 9841219683

Fax +977-1-5592992


Who are we?

HOPAD (Helpless, Orphans, Poor, Affected and Dalit) Child and Women Promotion Society is a non-profit, non-government organization which was established in 2005 dedicated with the welfare of children and women in Nepal. Our…

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