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About Us

The M-Lisada Africa Foundation is a New York not-for-profit corporation, and was formed pursuant to the filing of Articles of Incorporation with New York State on October 7, 2011. The Foundation was established exclusively for charitable purposes. Our primary purpose is to fund programs of, or in cooperation with M-Lisada, Uganda, or other similar Ugandan organizations that serve the same class of people (orphans and vulnerable children).

The Foundation’s Activities

In discussions with staff and board of directors in Uganda, the Foundation will act in an advisory capacity to determine the need for particular programs to benefit the children of M-Lisada. The Foundation will fund the programs that offer the greatest value in the areas of education, psychosocial support, and physical well being for the children of M-Lisada. We will assist in their implementation, and monitor and evaluate the success of the programs.

A representative project that will be funded by the Foundation is M-Lisada’s Reunification program. Some children leave home because of abusive conditions. M-Lisada’s resettlement team visits the family. Utilizing flexible approaches to conflict resolution, M-Lisada attempts to defuse the violent situation that caused the child to leave. When all parties sanction the child’s return, M-Lisada takes him home.

The Foundation will sponsor or co-sponsor with other charitable organizations, seminars and conferences to discuss and disseminate research on the plight of orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda. These seminars or conferences will include scholars, social workers, educators, and others engaged in presenting and discussing research and ideas about the plight of orphans and vulnerable children to the wider community. The conferences will be free of charge or on a cost-only basis and may be co-sponsored with other charitable, religious or educational organizations.

The Foundation will produce, sponsor or co-sponsor online and print publications that will be available to the general public and to host other events to disseminate research for debate by the wider community.

We will sponsor cultural programs to promote understanding among the many groups of children housed at M-Lisada Organization, Uganda. One activity might include videos made by the children and sent to children in other countries. The filming and production necessary for this activity will take place in Uganda and the U.S. once or twice a year.

The Foundation will also participate in and fund relief efforts designed to enhance the lives of the vulnerable children of M-Lisada and Uganda who have been affected by conflicts and disease. A typical project might be to insure water quality in M-Lisada and the neighborhood that includes M-Lisada.

The Foundation will encourage, solicit, receive and manage voluntary private, organizational, and governmental support grants and contributions to fund the carefully vetted programs of M-Lisada Organization, Uganda.

M-Lisada Africa Foundation will grant funds for the farming of newly acquired land, and additional structures for M-Lisada, Uganda, to house the vulnerable children of Africa. The children will be taught how to tend animals and grow vegetables for themselves on this land. The Foundation will be an active participant in discussions about the design and construction of a new dormitory on the land.

The Foundation will engage in all lawful activities that may be useful in accomplishing the foregoing purposes as listed in the Fourth Article and the Seventh Article of the Certificate of Incorporation, attached to Form 1023.