Interfaith Community Initiatives

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United States

About Us

As an organization, and as individuals we:

  • honor the sacredness and uniqueness of all faiths;
  • are committed to developing long-term interfaith relationships and collaboration;
  • address common and shared human and community challenges;
  • value being known as the ‘go-to’ organization for interfaith dialogue, interaction, education, and exchanges; and,
  • hold ourselves accountable for fostering trust, inspiring understanding, respecting diversity, facilitating safe interactions, and providing accessible, nourishing programs.

We accomplish this by offering and participating in innovative, inviting programs that inspire deep engagement in interfaith appreciation and cooperation. These programs encourage us to get to know each other by connecting as human beings in God’s presence. We offer four main programs:

  1. Immersions - expose participants to other faiths and allow basic introductions to the faiths, their religious ceremonies and their adherents.
  2. World Pilgrims - deepens this foundation where participants develop much better understandings of and exposure to other faiths by taking a walk in another’s shoes through travelling and living together, sharing meals, attending worship services, and developing friendships.
  3. Atlanta Interfaith Leaders Fellowship - meets to go even deeper and explore the universality of religion by looking at various themes through different lenses of faith.
  4. The Contemplative groups - meditate and connect spiritually across faith lines.

The story of ICI as expressed through our programming is expanded through our living lives of courage, inquisitiveness, and a willingness to move beyond the idea of the “other”. We are now more than ever before a world of neighbors who must come to know one another, help each other, and understand that we must want for each other as we want for ourselves. As we seek to bring ICI’s story to the broader Atlanta area community, please visit the ICI website for more information on our programs or to get involved.