Northeastern University Network Science Institute

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About Us

The Network Science Institute at Northeastern University brings together innovative research teams in a shared lab space that is highly collaborative and interdisciplinary. Institute research integrates models, theories and problem solving approaches across disciplines with the shared goal to understand systems by discovering the underlying principles, properties and purpose of its connectivity. From this nexus of cross-domain exchanges, our team has a strong track record developing unconventional strategies to help solve some of the most complex problems that range from biological, social and geospatial systems, to cyber, wireless, and technological challenges.

Research conducted in the institute covers fundamental mathematical and theoretical discoveries about networks, including geometry of networks, representation and manipulation of multi-dimensional networks. While domain-specific inquiries have provided novel insights on brain functions, disease processes, disease spread through populations, predictions of emerging scientific innovations and breakthroughs, group learning and consensus, and political movements. The Institute is comprised of three foundational components: information technology infrastructure, inquiry-driven research projects, and network science education and outreach.