Chicago Diabetes Project

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840 South Wood Street
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About Us

The Chicago Diabetes Project is working to make islet cell transplantation a viable treatment option for diabetes. Based in Chicago at the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Services, the Chicago Diabetes Project is a collection of scientists, researchers, physicians and surgeons spanning the globe who have a two-fold mission to cure diabetes.

First, we are performing islet-cell transplants on Type 1 diabetic patients as part of a Phase 3 clinical trial being conducted by the Clinical Islet Transplantation Consortium. This trial will bring us one important step closer to making islet-cell transplants standard medical care.

Second, our researchers across the world are making these transplants safer and more effective by researching cell encapsulation, which may help patients avoid the immunosuppressant drugs necessary after a transplant. We are also looking into cell genesis, which will provide new islet cell sources and eventually eliminate the need for donor-cell transplants.