Pathways Community School

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About Us

Pathways Community School is a small charter high school that was designed with the students, families and community of South Los Angeles in mind. Pathways opened with 9th grade students in August 2014 and will grow a grade each year until we have 9 - 12 grades.

We started as a small learning community at Fremont High School but we are becoming a charter school so that we can have the freedom to respond to the specific needs of our students through our PATH program, which provides a:

Personalized learning environment in which every student knows and is known by every adult in the school, and each student has an Individualized Learning Plan that helps them, with the support of their teachers and families, to set academic and personal goals, identify challenges, and celebrate successes.

Academic college-preparatory curriculum that facilitates literacy, numeracy, communication (writing and speaking), and research skills while developing the critical thinking skills that support life-long intellectual and social growth.

Transformative culture in which academics are integrated with 21st Century and entrepreneurial skills development, and applied to real-world problem solving through project-based learning.

Holistic approach that meets the physical, emotional, and mental health needs of the student as part of the educational process.