Desert Fish Swim Team

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About Us

Desert Fish Swim Team is a non-profit team organization in my hometown of Yerington,Nevada. The organization consists of a group of 60 kids from the ages of 5 through 18 years old boys and girls who swim and compete with other rural communites. We offer two scholarships each year to a boy and girl (senior)swimmer that is going to college. We would like to buy to the youth swimmers a swim suit, recognize all swimmers with a ribbons or medals, and have qualified paid coaches. We been an organization for 35 years. With the economic situation, specially in our rural community, we are finding funding difficult. We have had fundraising in the past years with the swimmers and with the money we were able to pay the qualified coaches, kick boards, ropes for the swimming pool, ribbons,medals and the scholarship. From the last few years our numbers has dropped and as result, the fundraising has dropped, but the need is still there for the qualified coaches and other expenses to provide the opportunity for kids in the summer. Our town consists of many low income families that don't have access to swimming. This is great opportunity for all the youth to become involved in a sport that is a life time health benefit. Many of these swimmers go on to become lifeguards at the local pool. They in turn teach swimming lesson and are able to give kids proper skills in swimming. Also, the families are able to come to these events and be part of a community and family event. The ability to give rewards help kids with their self-esteem. Belonging to a team often requires the team to have the same suits, our team has, in the past several different colored of suits. Having the same suits will help the team be recognized and feel like a part of our rural community.