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Chiang Dao
Chiang Dao


About Us

Wildlife 1 Foundation is dedicated to educating and training the public, especially local communities of the importance of wildlife conservation and the interdependence of ecological systems. Campaigning against and striving to prevent illegal wildlife trade, Wildlife1's legal mandate also includes the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife, including bears, to restore their lives close to nature in the foundation's facility and to re-introduce wildlife confiscated in illegal trade when applicable.Rescue and rehabilitation for confiscated and abused wildlife. Monitoring and reporting wildlife conservation issues and enforcement assistance.

Our Mission

1. To disseminate knowledge and understanding to the public, especially local communities, to realize the importance of wildlife and ecological systems

2. To campaign against and strive to prevent illegal wildlife trade.

3. To rescue any species of wildlife and restore their lives close to nature in the foundation's rescue and rehabilitation center.

4. To re-introduce wildlife to the wild when applicable.

5. To promote the conservation of ecological systems and habitats, which are significant to the present and future health of wildlife.

6. To support, cooperate and coordinate with government agencies domestically and internationally.

7. To work for the benefit of the public and cooperate with other organizations for the benefit of the public.

8. Non-involvement with any political activity.