PRAYAS Campbell Bay, Andaman & Nicobar, India


Indira Nagar
Campbell Bay


About Us

"FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT" We, at Prayas, visualize ourselves as partners in a national and global campaign to restore childhood to millions of children deprived of their basic needs. To give them back their childhood in terms of care, protection and opportunities for participation and development We dream of an India where every child goes to school, or is provided with decent alternative education and is also provided with health care and shelter. We wish to share our dreams and join hands with the government, civil society and the corporate sector which Mahatma Gandhi preferred to call our corporate trustees. And to work with al those who wish to give back to society, to nurture all those children who have been neglected.

"I am a child. I need to bloom and blossom like a flower. My name is today." We see a world that protects children’s rights. A world that treats every child equally and lets boys and girls play and learn ,and grow to adulthood in health , peace and dignity, A world that involves children and young people in making decisions about their lives and finding ways to make the world a better place for all.

Basic needs and rights of child are synonymous. These needs include : Food Clothes Recreation Guidance Shelter Health Care Protection Love and Care