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About Us

Assalam is an organization in which we come together as volunteers and seek solutions for the people in need. Assalam is a volunteer-based organization and it works hard to find solutions for the problems of Africa. It shares these solutions with the disadvantageous lives through various networks to create a sustainable life for African People. As an organization founded in Africa and belonging to Africa  Assalam;

1)     serves the created by regarding the consent of the Creator

2)     aims to create an Africa which is self-sufficient, independent and dignified on its own.

3)     aims to connect the world with Africa while connecting Africa with the World and by doing so it aims to build cooperation based on the mutual gain.

4)     searches for the solutions on a volunteer basis and tries to fit these solutions into a scalable size by creating new networks.

5)     tries to create sustainable means of living and employment opportunities for African people.

6)     carries out all its projects based on a fair gain and social fellowship.

7)     uses all the income from projects for the continuity of the projects.

Assalam has three main domains:

1.                                  Volunteering Tourism

2.                                  KangaAfrica: The project of creating sustainable means of living and teaching how to sew to orphan children’s mothers.

3.                                  Assalam Campus: Educational and vocational activities and game therapies related to science, art, foreign language and computer skills for the children and young adults of Africa.

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