Beyond the Choir

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About Us

We find ourselves in the midst of a social movement renaissance.

Across the country, people are coming together to demand change to a political order that’s been rigged against them. From immigrant Dreamers to Occupy Wall Street to the climate justice movement, from Black Lives Matter to movements for gender justice and sexual liberation, from the army of Bernie 2016 volunteers to the defiant disrupters of Donald Trump’s bigotry, the makings of a new broad and powerful progressive political force are all around us.

But if we are to win meaningful change, we need to build bigger and bring in more people. Toward that end, we launched Beyond the Choir as one piece in a larger political intervention. Our name captures the core of our mission: in order to build movements capable of winning real change, we need to do more than just “preach to the choir.”

Our work falls under three categories: partnerships, initiatives, and training.