Harlem Biennale

  • NY


120 121st Street
New York

United States

About Us

Harlem Biennale (HB) brings together artists, curators, educators and the public from Harlem, New York and around the world, to connect with the history, geography and diverse communities of Harlem through innovative explorations in contemporary art. Combining a focus on Harlem and Upper Manhattan with socially engaged artistic practices, Harlem Biennale creates a platform for cultural production and dialogue on urgent issues for the local and global community. HB’s unique model provides an ongoing program of events, exhibitions, performances, artist residencies and art education culminating in the biennale event. The first edition HB2012 is slated for May 3rd to July 1st, 2012.

Harlem Biennale (HB) is a non-profit arts organization incubated by the Fund for the City of New York (www.fcny.org).