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LATET (Hebrew for “to give”) – is an Israeli Humanitarian Aid organization founded in 1996 with the goal of providing assistance to needy populations in Israel and worldwide, on a universal and equal basis. LATAT aims to mobilize Israeli civil society to greater involvement in the humanitarian field, through heightened social awareness and fostering values such as mutual responsibility and acts of loving-kindness. LATET is a non-governmental, a-political, non-profit organization, with over of 1,800 Israeli volunteers involved in its activities.

Distinctive Features LATET has a number of distinctive features that differentiate it from other humanitarian groups in Israel: · Acceptance of universal human values that do not recognize borders, providing equal services, without discrimination based on religion, ethnicity, age, sex and nationality. · Strict managerial control, full transparency and perseveres. · Independent organization that is a-political and non-aligned. · Serves as a national umbrella organization that strives to strengthen more than 100 local NGOs. · 1,800 volunteers that believe in LATET’s goals and are committed to collaboration with the organization, and to work at a professional level. · Efficiency - For every Shekel donated, the organization collects at least 6 Shekels’ worth of food. · Commitment to ethical and professional public standards. Over 85% of the contributions to LATET are allocated for specific projects.

LATET Activities in Israel: 1. Food for Life Project: LATET initiated the Food for Life project in response to the distressing problems of poverty and food shortage among needy populations in Israel. The project’s objective is to utilize LATET’s resources and experience in order to strengthen Israeli NGOs that distribute food and to reinforce programs that serve the nation as a whole. The Food for Life Project attempts to significantly expand the scope of support offered by Israeli society to needy populations by increasing the quantity, quality, continuity and spread of food distribution to the needy. In addition, we strive to enhance awareness within Israeli society with regard to the problem of hunger, and to provide the public with methods to help deal with the problem. The project is implemented through food collection activities for the needy. These campaigns are conducted every few months, among the general public, in organizations, companies, educational institutions, kibbutzim and moshavim. The activities consist of asking company employees, students and the public to donate basic products and staples at collection points that are located near workplaces and select supermarkets. Over 600 tons of food are collected every year and distributed via more than 100 non-profit organizations throughout the country, reaching tens of thousands of needy families in Israel. For every Shekel donated to the project, the organization collects at least 6 Shekels’ worth of food.

2. I’m Here for You Project An educational-informative project carried out in various schools in Israel. The project seeks to develop humanitarian values in the younger generation by exposing them to the advantages of social solidarity – to contribute to the community and provide mutual aid to people, regardless of their affiliation. Meetings are moderated by LATET volunteers, who accompany the students throughout the school year. Meetings consist of conversations, discussions, and exposition of basic values in the field of humanitarian activity. At the beginning of the project, students select a humanitarian project in their neighborhood that they continue throughout the year.

3. Reporting Within the framework of LATET’s collaboration with 100 local NGOs and distribution of food to the needy, the organization accumulates much information concerning the processes and events in the field. This information enables the organization to produce and publish the Alternative Poverty Report. This report is intended to be an alternative to the government’s Poverty Report that is based on quantity, as opposed to LATET’s report, which is based on quality methods. The objectives of the Alternative Poverty Report are: 1 To mobilize individuals. 2. To influence government policy. 3. To offer alternative solutions. 4. To strengthen and support populations that are needy and in distress.

The report is divided into 3 parts: 1- Survey of NGOs (among the 100 NGOs that operate in collaboration with LATET). The survey presents and analyzes developments and trends in poverty in Israel, based on the experience and data collected by the NGOs. 2- Survey of the public – examines the perceptions on poverty in Israeli society. 3 – Testimonials - stories of individuals and families that present the human and emotional effects of poverty – written by leading Israeli authors, poets and photographers.

LATET Activities Abroad: 1. Emergency Relief Aid LATET and its partners view Israeli society as part of the society of nations and seek to position Israeli society as part of the international network of the humanitarian organizations. Although in enlightened western countries the establishment of humanitarian aid organizations is routine, LATET is the first Israeli humanitarian aid organization established in Israel. When possible, LATET provides emergency aid to needy populations around the world and victims of natural disasters and wars. The organization specializes in immediate shipments of relief equipment such as medicine, food, water, baby equipment, tents and blankets, as well as providing medical assistance and engineering relief. Since it was established 6 years ago, LATET has helped needy populations in 16 destinations throughout the world, including: Balkan war refugees, Ugandan drought victims, Kosovo war victims, Ethiopian famine victims, AIDS victims, victims of the two Turkish earthquakes, survivors of the earthquakes in El Salvador and India, victims of the volcano eruption in the Congo, the victims of a terrorist act in Kenya , etc.

2. Israeli Backpackers Contributing Project A joint project by LATET and Lametayel composed of a two-month humanitarian period of volunteer work for Israeli backpackers abroad. The project is a perfect way for achieving various social and cultural objectives by backpackers as they journey: assisting needy populations, nurturing values of volunteering, humanitarianism and tolerance. A pilot project was implemented in October 2002 in Jankhpur, Nepal. Volunteering backpackers are divided into groups of 10 volunteers that rotate every two months. During their stay, the volunteers participate in various projects, such as: teaching English in a school, cleaning and recycling, building stoves, etc.

LATET (Hebrew for “to give”) – is an Israeli Humanitarian Aid organization founded in 1996 with the goal of providing assistance to needy populations in Israel and worldwide, on a universal and equal basis. LATAT aims to mobilize Israeli civil…

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