Animus Association

About Us

Animus Association Foundation is a non-governmental non-profit organisation created to help victims of violence. The team of the Foundation consists of clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, and social workers. Animus Association develops its work and activities in three areas:

Centre For Rehabilitation Of Women, Adolescents, and Children Victims Of Violence

  • 24-hour Help-line for victims of violence
  • 24-hour Crisis Unit
  • Counselling and psychotherapeutic programmes Programme for Women Survivors of Domestic Violence Programme for Women Survivors of Sexual Violence Programme for Women Survivors of Trafficking in Women
  • Programme for adolescents victims of violence
  • Programme for the families of adolescents survivors of violence
  • Psychological consultation of couples who have violence problems
  • Social support programme
  • "Who is Margaret?" a Social women's club, and a Correspondence programme
  • A programme to support the children of clients of the Centre

Lobby, Prevention, Networking La Strada program for prevention of traffiking in women in Central and Eastern Europe

Training Unit


Healthy communication between people and gender equality in Bulgarian society. • Availability of accessible psychotherapeutic services and programmes, offering professional and competent help to people who need it • Social attitudes of tolerance towards differences, respect for suffering and non-acceptance of violence • Understanding and acceptance of the values of psycho-dynamic psychotherapy


To work for the intellectual, professional and spiritual development of women; to initiate a change in the Bulgarian family and society; to develop and implement projects and programmes connected with support to women and children; to encourage gender-equality understanding in society; to improve the status of women; to be a mediator between different state institutions and non-governmental organisations and to co-ordinate their efforts on the problems of violence against women.