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Sierra Leone

About Us

Mission Statement

Mission: To work in a holistic manner towards improvement in the quality of life through interventions that reduce vulnerability to illiteracy, ignorance poverty, disease, hunger, gross abuse of human rights to improve the quality of life of children and their families.


ChildHelp Sierra Leone is founded on the 6 th October, 1994, is a registered non-Profit social-humanitarian child focussed development organisation established in October 1994. It is registered as a non-governmental organisation. ChildHelp Sierra Leone is established to undertake social and economic interventions that reduce vulnerability to poverty, disease, hunger and other difficult situations, and to contribute to creation of social systems that promote peace, human welfare and the sustainability of the environment on which life depends, including promotion and protection of fundamental human rights in its geographical areas of mandate.

ChildHelp Sierra Leone broad objectives are to: Achieve social and economic development and improved quality of life for poor and disadvantaged rural households and communities with emphasis on vulnerable children within ChildHelp Sierra Leone’s geographical scope of operation. To affirm the enduring values of peace, social justice and human dignity and integrity in settings where these values are not always taken for granted. To improve the health, Education and Livelihood conditions of communities through elimination of poverty in the environment that lead to loneliness, hungry, suffering and untimely death.