Equal Justice Under Law

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400 7th Street NW, Suite 602
United States

About Us

Founded in 2014, Equal Justice Under Law is an innovative non-profit organization in

Washington, D.C., seeking systemic change in our criminal justice system through litigation

across the country. We seek to protect the rights of the most underrepresented,

impoverished, and marginalized members of our society.


Our mission is to end inequality in our justice system by attacking wealth-based discrimination including landmark cases challenging the rise of modern-day debtors’ prisons, the American money bail system, mandatory minimum sentencing, wealth-based banishment schemes, and discriminatory suspension of driver’s licenses.


Equal Justice Under Law is dedicated to promoting a society in which all human beings can flourish by ensuring that the legal system protects the important principles of human and civil rights, equality, and fairness. We fight the inequalities that continue to permeate both our legal system and our society as a whole.