Island Conservation

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About Us

The mission of Island Conservation is to prevent extinctions by removing invasive species from islands.

Islands harbor an extraordinary treasure of unique plants and animals – the wealth of species that so amazed Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, that it led them to develop a theory on the origins and adaptation of all species. We live for the day when island flora and fauna are no longer declining, when the threats to their persistence are gone, and when they are once again significant ecological players on their island stages.

Island Conservation prevents extinctions by working where the concentration of species extinction is greatest – islands – and by removing one of the greatest threats to the continued existence of plants and animals there – introduced invasive species. Once damaging invasive species are removed from islands, native plants and animals together with island habitats can recover naturally.

Island Conservation began working as a network of conservationists in 1994 and became a charitable organization in 1997. Island Conservation works collaboratively with government management agencies, local communities, and other stakeholders in island archipelagos. Together we remove invasive species from islands, build local capacity to undertake science-driven management of islands, develop invasive species removal techniques, and conduct applied research to inform island conservation action. Over the last 17 years, Island Conservation and local partners have protected 288 species on 45 islands from the threat of extinction.

Our Impact

  • 288 species protected from the threat of extinction
  • 308 seabird nesting colonies recovered and protected
  • 45 islands totaling 56,196 ha free from the most damaging invasive animals