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About Us

The KNOW Project is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to provide fun-filled, interactive workshops to children that enable them to gain the fundamental knowledge and skills that are necessary to grow up strong, healthy and safe. Created by educators, parents and safety minded individuals, the KNOW workshop series employs techniques and learning methodology proven to enable our children to gain the knowledge and skill base that they need to become active participants in their own safety, health and well-being. Each station within the workshop series focuses on a core grouping of messages that are delivered using a multi-faceted approach that enables every child to incorporate these functional skills into their daily lives and develop positive habits that will last a lifetime. The focus of the Know Project is to promote skills in the key areas of Fire Safety, Home Safety, Injury Prevention, Healthy Eating, Abuse Prevention, Predator Awareness, Health Maintenance, Pedestrian, Bicycle and Street Safety to Children.