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The Sacramento Resource Directory Onefatherslove http://www.OneFatherslove.com to find free resources at Sacramento's leading "Online Resource Center".

Emergency Shelters for Families

Sacramento low-cost Childcare and Pre-school providers http://www.OneFathersLove.com/sacramentodaycareandchildcare.aspx Sacramento Childcare Daycare directory of low-cost/low income Childcare and Pre-school providers that offer Child Action & Affordable options, Special Needs Experience

Subsidized childcare & Pre-schools http://www.OneFathersLove.com/daycare.aspx Directory of Sacramento subsidized Child Care, Daycare and Pre-schools.

Free Family events http://www.OneFathersLove.com/sacramentofamilyevents.aspx The Sacramento family event resources offer Fun Places to go and Events for Children and Families in the Sacramento Community.

Parenting classes http://www.OneFathersLove.com/sacramentoparentingclasses.aspx Directory of free Sacramento parenting classes.

Single parenting/Marriage & Family workshops http://www.OneFathersLove.com/singleparentservices.aspx Provides Single and Family Parenting Resources including free marriage workshops for the Sacramento, CA. area.

Fathers help & Resources http://www.OneFathersLove.com/fathersresources.aspx Fathers and Dad's Sacramento community resources for parenting, activities, workshops and legal assistance.

Infant/Toddler services http://www.OneFathersLove.com/infanttoddlerservices.aspx Sacramento Infant/Toddler services including free diaper distributions and updated WIC information.

Special needs & Disabilities http://www.OneFathersLove.com/specialeducation.aspx Sacramento Special Needs Education and Disability resources.

Shots for Tots http://www.OneFathersLove.com/shotsfortots.aspx Facts and information for Shots and Immunizations.

Mental Health http://www.OneFathersLove.com/MentalHealthSacramento.aspx Sacramento community Mental Health services information and programs.

Substance abuse http://www.OneFathersLove.com/substanceabusesacramento.aspx Sacramento community Substance Abuse Programs including Drug and Alcohol Treatment services.

Transitional housing http://www.OneFathersLove.com/Sacramentotransitionalliving.aspx Sacramento Transitional Living Programs and Transitional Housing Resources for the homeless, victims of domestic violence and disabled.

Affordable housing http://www.OneFathersLove.com/sacramentoaffordablehousing.aspx Directory of local subsidized housing including link to Section 8 referral.

Furniture for Families http://www.OneFathersLove.com/sacramentofreefurniture.aspx Resource for "Furniture for Families."

Food closet & Hot Meal locations http://www.OneFathersLove.com/FoodandMealServices.aspx Sacramento area Emergency Food locations, and Hot Meals served.

Clothes closet locations http://www.OneFathersLove.com/clothingservices.aspx Sacramento community Emergency Clothes closet and Clothing Locker resources.

Ex-offenders http://www.OneFathersLove.com/familyreentry.aspx Directory of Sacramento ex-offender jobs, legal and other re-entry services.

Veterans http://www.OneFathersLove.com/veteranservicessacramento.aspx Directory of Sacramento area Veterans services including information, counseling and referral resources.

Seniors http://www.OneFathersLove.com/seniorprogramssacramento.aspx Sacramento community Senior Programs along with Alzheimer's, Eldercare and Elder Abuse resources.

AIDS/HIV resources http://www.OneFathersLove.com/aidshivsacramento.aspx Resources Sacramento Community AIDS/HIV programs for HIV testing Information.

Domestic violence help http://www.OneFathersLove.com/domesticviolence.aspx Sacramento Domestic Violence resources for Men, Women, Children and Families.

Medical & Dental http://www.OneFathersLove.com/medicaldentalsacramento.aspx Sacramento Medical and Dental Care services for the indigent.

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